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Reliable backup solutions for your water

Hand pumps from Jimmy's Well Service are great backups for water during power outages in rural areas. They are affordable, reliable way to ensure that you have water even under the worst conditions. Don't stress about the future. Fix it now by buying a quality hand pump!

  • Hand-operated motorized pump (ideal for solar power)

  • Backup or primary pumps

  • Shallow or deep wells (350 ft. water level)

  • Simple, reliable pumps that don't rely on power grids

  • Low maintenance cost ($25 seals every 3 - 10 years)

  • Reliable 5-year parts guarantee

  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel and aluminum for maximum strength

A full range of quality pumps

From freeze-proof pumps that operate well even in high-wind, freezing temperatures reaching -30F to durable graphite and bronze models, you'll get the reliability you need with our high-quality pumps.


Our Simple Pump hand pumps go deeper than typical hand pumps that reach only 25 feet. They can even fit alongside a submersible 4- or 6-foot well. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our options!

Durable options you need

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Protect yourself during power outages with reliable and affordable hand pumps from Jimmy's Well Service. We've been providing quality pumps since 1990!